Make-Up Covers Multitude of Tasks

  • Sumo

Putting on make-up is not my line. I very seldom put make-up on my face. I am a bath-and-go person specially now that I just stay at home. But I can’t help myself admiring girls who can apply their make-up very beautifully. I guess it is also a talent.

I have an officemate before that I always wait in our office common wash area just before the lunch break ends up. I wait for her to watch her how she puts her make-up. She’s already pretty even without the make-up. She looks like Melissa Mendez. She is blessed with fair skin, pointed nose, beautiful eyes and lashes. She don’t need any eyelash growth product just an eyelash curler. After applying a simple make-up, her beauty becomes more stunning. So even if her day is toxic with so many admin tasks, her face does not show it.

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