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Last Friday, after 6  o’clock pm, me, husband and daughter headed to Trinoma to meet up Paula, my dear Australian-based friend who is currently in country. She went home here the Philippines last December 19 but unfortunately her vacation was consumed in bed because she got colds and coughs. It was only last Friday she can finally go out.  Trinoma is the best place to meet because we are both near to the said mall.

She had a hard-time getting a cab from their place. But we didn’t get bored waiting for her. Daughter had a great time playing in the mini-playground placed in the activity area and riding on a battery-operated animal.  Hubby and me were occupied watching her while she played and mingled with other kids.  She’s so active and she never seem to get tired! We intervened with her enjoyment when she started to cough.


Paula arrived at around 7:30 pm. I was really happy to see her again! I really missed this gal so much! She’s been away for three long  years. Her last visit was when I was still pregnant! She finally met my daughter. Since that was the first time my daughter seen her face, my daughter was a bit aloofed. But after some persuasion (and bribe  of a carousel ride), my daughter finally gave in. She threw her Ninang a big hug and a bonus kiss!  Since Paula needed to withdraw some cash,  daughter was allowed to ride on the carousel and other rides.

While  waiting for her turn on the atm, we started our long-waited chitchat.  That was one of the few instances that I didn’t get bored while on the line.  After withdrawing,  we went back to Time Zone to pick up hubby and daughter. We started to look for a place wehere we can have our dinner. I  gave her the honor to choose because she was the one away for years and probably she missed some dishes which she wanted to taste before she comes back to Australia. The first choice was TGIF but since it was Friday and was already dinner time, the place was jammed-packed. We were put on wait-listed. I suggested Contis thinking that it was not crowded. But just the same, we also need to wait. But we settled for Contis because it was a more quiet place.  Then continued our story-telling. Until we finally get a seat.

I ordered pesto pasta with seafood, hubby opted for Italian pasta and Paula ordered for Garlic Longsilog. She also ordered for buffalo wings for appetizer and Mango Bravo for dessert! We only ordered for a slice because we only want to taste it! Surely, hubby and Paula only tasted it! I was the one who consumed the rest 😀 The foods are great but there was a delay on the service. There was only a handful of staff with a crowded place.

We parted at around 11 p.m. but still not contented! Yay! How time flies so fast! And we both forgot to take some pictures! I don’t if we both did it intentionally because or our sizes! We were both frightened of how our sizes have grown horizontally. But aside from the measurements, nothing changed. She’s still the sweet and pretty Paula I’ve met few years ago.

Paula’s flight for Sydney will be this evening at 7 pm.  It will probably take years before we meet again, but I am confident that a dear friend remains my friend on the other side of this world. And God is indeed good to me for giving me a friend like Paula.

Anyway, just to you  give an idea  how Paula looks like,  I dug my photo archives. Polangot


6 thoughts on “Meet Up With A Dear Friend

  1. im sure a day is not enough for both of you to catch on.. syempre dami chika.. i suddenly miss my girl friends. Im sure magkikita kayo ulit =)

  2. oo nga, ganda nya, is she still single? Your friend Paula?
    Anyway, blessings to all of you and God bless.

  3. Paula is beautiful, I believe she’s beautiful inside- out. Jesus makes it for His children.
    I was also looking for your looks here. Are you in the picture? hehe just curious.

    1. She’s really pretty Ate Sarah, weird nga ung katawan nya, kse kahit tumataba sya, ung mukha nya nde tumataba 😀

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