Meet Up With My Daughter’s Teacher

  • Sumo

Hubby supposed to drive me this morning to my daughter’s school to talk to my daughter’s teacher. But because we don’t have a vehicle to use going to the school because the motorbike we are using is used by someone, I just called up the teacher to inform her that I could not come today. Instead I’ll just drop by tomorrow.

Speaking of hubby driving, when we were still in Manila and hubby needs to drive for other church members and he is not familiar with the destination, he always brings me. Why? Because he is not good with direction. He easily gets lost especially if there are so many turns. He gets disoriented. If tom tom gps is only affordable during that time, I probably got him one.

Going back to my meet up with my daughter’s teacher, I wonder why I am being called. Is it because they could no longer handle my daughter? I’ll find out tomorrow 😀


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