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Mommy Moments – First Steps

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Today’s Mommy Moment’s theme is First Steps. Unfortunately, I was not able to capture my daughter’s first steps because the first time she walked by her own was during unexpected time.

Like what I frequently mentioned in this blog, my daughter was a bit late when she started walking. This maybe attributed to the fact that she was not an active baby. She’s been sleeping most of the time during the first year of her life. And I think she was traumatized when my husband was trying to let her stand alone. This may also caused her delayed walking.

The first time she walked was in church. She herself didn’t realized that she can already walked. She was trying to run after another baby in our church while I was holding her at the back through her sleeveless jacket. While she was running after the baby, I would let her run alone without her noticing that I already freed her up. I was really surprised that she can already walk by herself but once she realized that I no longer hold her, she would sit down and would just crawl. She was already one year and four months that time.

After few months more, she’s more confident to walk by herself and now she can endure to walk farther distances.

She was only six months when she started to use her walker, but not for so long because our helper broke it without telling us. When Ska used it again, she was hurt and since then, she no longer want to use her walker.

Ska in WalkerSka in Walker

Her crib helped her exercised her legs and knees. She can walk inside the playpen while holding on the wooden bars.

Ska in Walker

This was the time when my husband was letting her stand by herself while leaning on the wall. He was trying my daughter if she can walk by herself, but my daughter was traumatized instead.

Two things I learned from this milestone. First, each child has his/her own time. We can’t force him/her but we can give some means to help them. Second, child’s trust and confidence can easily be broken, so we should be careful with it.

Happy Mommy Moments!


16 thoughts on “Mommy Moments – First Steps

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  2. that is true.. with my three kids, iba iba talaga ang mga first nila..

    naku Mommy sensya na ha, kangarag ba ang MM entry ko? naglipat lipat na kase ako ng site and chuva.. basta anyway, visit mo na lang ako uli hehe, niaayos ko ung links ko wehehe
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  3. she looks so cute in her walker…

    i agree that every child's milestones are different we shouldn't compare one child to another even with our own kids…


  4. Your baby had so many traumas pala while learning to walk. Good thing, she's overcome all of it. Thanks for sharing your stories and pictures.

  5. developmental milestones are more of a guide… we should not really "compare" our kids with is.. everyone is blessed by God with different talents and abilities…

    thanks for joining us this week!

  6. ang cute niya, ang bilog! hihi. yes, no need to rush a child, to each her own. natraumatize siya? i hope she's ok na.

  7. Mabuti na lang hindi na ako naglilihi kundi napaglihihan ko itong batang ito na cute na cute naman. Aba at nakaterno pa ang maliit na dalaga. 😀

    Ganyan din mga anak ko Mommy, 'di sila maagang nakalakad, ok lang 'yon as long as wala namang health problem, di ba?

  8. i love all the thoughts you shared here in mommy momments. exactly, each has its own time..

    love of her pics here, shes so adorable. *hugs*

  9. hay salamat at may ka apir na akong mommy na hindi nakashoot ng first step photo:-) but it's not the most important thing. the positive things you from your child's milestone are, to me more important. i love her wooden crib, i miss that sort of sight and smell.

  10. "First, each child has his/her own time. We can't force him/her but we can give some means to help them. Second, child's trust and confidence can easily be broken, so we should be careful with it."

    Thak you for sharing these thoughts!

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