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This is my beloved daughter.  Her name is Jyma Sciezka. This photo was taken last Friday, August 21, 2009.

When my husband and I were deciding on my  daughter’s name, we agreed that her name should be rare if not unique. At the same time should have part of our names  to mark her that she is our own – we get this idea from our pastor. All his children have a Mar on their names; Adelaimar, Paulmar, Samdemar, Delamar & Marcelino Jr.   We also both believe that the name of the  child would be what his/her name meant.

So this is how we came up with her name.

Jyma is her mark that she is Jaypee and Mylene’s  daughter.
J – first character of my husband’s name
Y – second character of my name
M – first character of my name
A – second character of my husband’s name

SCIEZKA is the name of the librarian in the ALCHEMIST anime series. She has the ability to read fast and store in her memory what she have read.  She loves to read book and she was able to read all the books in the library where she is working.  So when the library was burned,  she was tasked to rewrite all the books.

We named our daughter after the librarian because we desire that our daughter would also have a passion in reading books.  In reading,  she can learn the wisdom of the great people,  she can go to different places without making a single step and most of all, she can learn more about Jesus Christ.

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19 thoughts on “Mommy Moments – Name Game

  1. wow, the name of your daughter has been seriously thought of I understand.. Even the letters has it’s origin.. Unique and nice..

  2. unique nga ang name nya. galing nyo magpangalan. 🙂

    mine’s up na din. 🙂 hope you can take a peek.

  3. parang nahirapan akong magbasa sa Sciezka…he..he..I like the story of this character..very impressive. I like the part about “learn more about Jesus”, me too that’s what I prayed for my baby….

  4. I like the ‘learn more about Jesus Christ’ part of the story of your daughter’s name. And with all those initials and meanings you came up with a lovely name!

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