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Mommy Moments – New Born

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My experience with my first child’s delivery was unpleasant. I was disappointed with my OB-Gyne and the other with hospital staffs. I was given an impression that the doctors and the hospital were only after the money. They just left me lying on the delivery bed for several hours even though my dilation (cervix opening) do not progress. And when my back was already aching to death, they asked me to walk! How cruel!!! While I was terribly in pain, they were just chatting. I still needed to call their attention from time to time to know if we can already start the process. They would just answer me to push so the dilation would progress. They were actually asking me to deliver my baby without assistance! I do not know that time if I was doing the pushing correctly because nobody was checking. This is probably the reason why they do not allow anyone to get inside the delivery room. When I was asking about my official OB, they told me that she could not attend to me because she was in her clinic. Ouch! How caring! After I gave birth, I discovered that the one who assisted me on my delivery was not an OB but a general practitioner. We stayed in the hospital one day more than my supposed discharged day because according to them daughter did not pooped yet. She supposed to defecate within 24 hours but the photos are clear that she defecate while she was being cleaned. I asked for records but the nurse told me that the nurse who assisted on my delivery already went home and we need to wait for her next duty to confirm if my daughter defecate. Imagine, they don’t have a record.

I could not also forgot the pain caused by careless IE. IE shouldn’t be that painful if it was done carefully. My wound (episiotomy) was still painful even after two months of delivery. And when I consulted another OB, and it was found out that the stitches were not properly done and I had internal infections. This was probably because the hospital is not particular with sanity. Well, the hospital is just a semi-private hospital. But do you think it is a valid excuse for them to treat their patients that way??? No, I didn’t sue them. I just let God do His course to them but I promised myself to look for a better OB next time. By the way, my OB owns the hospital.

My experience was traumatic. Enough reason for me not to give birth again, lol! But I am positive that this will not always a case. I still consider giving birth is a blessing from God. And despite the traumatic experience I had, I am still thankful that my child is normal and healthy though very small, just more than 5lbs. If there is one good thing about the hospital, they took my daughter’s picture as soon as she came out from my womb.
Blood all over
Bath time
IMG_1141Sleeping… still tired…
IMG_1165 I don’t have yet a milk when my daughter came out. The hospital neither encourage me to breastfeed. Instead they immediately asked for a formula milk which can be bought from their own pharmacy. But as soon as I got home, my husband and I did the suggestions of other mommies who successfully breastfed their babies. We always included Malunggay in my meal and I ate sea foods specially mussels. These food are known good for milk production. I also let my daughter suck my breast even though there was no milk yet. It was painful at first but when the milk came out, there was a fulfilling feeling. Since then, I stopped giving my daughter formula milk. I breastfeed for almost a year. If it was not only for the teeth who came out early, I can still breastfeed because I still have milk when I started giving my daughter the formula milk again. I just could bear the bite pains, lol!

I am also blessed because I didn’t experience sleepless nights, daughter is sleeping most of the time.

The verse that says, “A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world” is very true. All the pains and anguish is replaced by so much joy as soon as we see our babies.

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18 thoughts on “Mommy Moments – New Born

  1. Hi mommy… ang sad ng experience mo sa panganganak. I am pregnant to my second child. Nung una sa province ang OB at hospital ko, pero ngayon sa Manila na kaya mapili ako sa paghahanap ng okay na OB at hospital.

  2. We all have something bad and good to share about our pregnancy. Hmm, IE, truth enough sis, i have a lot of experience about that in my first pregnancy (first na nakunan) I’m still at Manila that time at dahil simpleng mangagawa lang din ako, i have to go to a public hospital and guess what, everybody that passes you will eventually put their hands inside you, without even thinking na ang sakit-sakit na nga ng tiyan mo dahil nakukunan kana, tapos ang sakit sakit pa ng hawak nila, i really cried that much dahil everytime they will IE me, more bloods are coming out. Dahil sa sobrang inis ni hubby na hindi na daw ako inaasikaso, we have to transfer from Manila to Las Pinas para mailipat ako sa private hospital. That was seven years ago.

  3. i had a very bad experience din during my delivery- imagine a no anaesthesia delivery tapos families are not allowed to see me pa, feel so alone then. Pero when we saw our babies na, lahat ng sakit nalimutan na.

    Inggit ako sau you were able to document the after birth, si Thea day after na namin na-picturan, huhu.

    Your bebe is so adorable talaga ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here’s my MM entry, check it out too.

  4. very traumatic experience.. what hospital is this??? i wouldnt want to recommend this place to any other mommies…

    the next time you are preggy, i would recommend my OB, i had a great pregnancy journey and delivery with her!

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  5. hi mommy, ganyan talaga pag public hospital doctors and nurses are careless.. And speaking of IE muntik ko ng masipa ang nagIE sa aking kasi super sakit and then I heard na hindi sya sure if tama ang sukat nya.. grr.. irritating.. kaya next time I promise not to give birth sa public hospital…

  6. your comment makes me sweet of you to think of that:) Ok na si Hyzyd..the MIL of my filipino co-teacher took care of Hyzyd and it turns fine..

    what a bad experience you have sorry to hear that..Bakit sila ganoon?

    I gave birth here in Thailand and i thank God that though there’s communication barrier they took care of us, wala akong reklamo. The moment I labor nakafetal monitor na ako and every now and then they checked on me though my OB is out of town at that time but he already prepared someone to take over. normal delivery is 3days stay sa hospital and i got to see my baby from 10-3 pm, kunin nila for bath ibalik sayo at 6-10 pm tapos kunin naman dun sa nursery matulog mga babies, minomonitor ng assigned pedia nila..nakakamiss ng baby na routine..he..he..

    mine’s here:

  7. same here sis! cSD and my baby is 5.4lbs when i gave birth to her ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry to hear about your experience. good thing yun OB ko took good care of me since the start of my pregnancy. next time sis, look for someone who will take good of care you ๐Ÿ™‚ dont let your safety be st stake ๐Ÿ˜‰

    have a happy weekend!
    u may view mine here

    1. True mommy! Actually nakakita na ako ng OB na magaling mag-alaga. Refer ng mga ka-churchmate ko ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the visit!

  8. What a beautiful story about your baby’s birth. I am sorry you weren’t happy with your doctor. With my third, no one was even in the ROOM! They said I had hours – but it was only 20 minutes. Someone literally ran in the room and caught her when she came out! Every experience is different. I would not keep from having a child b/c of your one experience – the next might be a picture perfect birth. But either way, your beautiful baby is picture perfect!

  9. gosh I feel you.. Sana binanggit mo na rin kung saan hospital yan to warn others. Its very sad to know that most hospitals in our country are after money.. nung kasi umuwi kami dyan to have my baby shower, nagpa-check up lang ako pero kung ano ano na ginawa test sa kin, pinapabalik pa ko kasi daw may nakita dugo sa loob??? nwei same as you, i was so disappointed.. instead of giving you good news, tinakot ka pa…

    I really feel your disappointment sa panganganak mo kasi kabaligtaran ng giving experience ko.. sa japan kasi ako nanganak and they treated us like VIP. May lessons pa kami on how to take care and breastfeed the baby.. ineencourage pa kami mgbreastfeed kaya every morning, minamassage nila breast namin para lumabas..

    I hope next time, find an OB na super sikat sa pag-aalaga.. dami din kasi ako good feedbacks na nabasa sa mga forums about sa ibang doctors. And never go back to the same hospital..

    Thanks for sharing =)

  10. Oh, that’s so bad experience My, anong hospital ba to! my God, kung ako pa yun shout todeath ako.. hahahah! cute baby …. Thank God..

  11. Bad doctor and hospital! It’s my first time to know an OB who did not attend to her patient. Anyway, God is good, He made sure that you and your angel was still okay.

    1. Ako din Mommy Ench, first time ko malaman na pwede na hindi mismo ung OB mo ung magpapaanak sayo. Sa mga public hospital ata walang particular na OB, sa kanila basta nagpapa-prenatal ka, a-accommodate ka nila pagnanganak ka. Pero dapat hindi ganun sa mga private OBs.

      And yes, God is good all the time. Hindi pa rin kami pinabayaan sa mga kamay ng mga doctor na un ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. That was really a traumatic experience. Don’t you ever go back to that hospital again. Good thing both you and your child are okay. Thanks for sharing your child’s newborn days and your story.

  13. wow, grabe, I felt sad while reading your post. Totoo nga, dapat you look for the best hospital kahit na expensive kasi iba ang private hospital sa atin kaysa public, kaya sa Bacolod kahit na expensive din ang private hospital basta sigurado ang buhay nyong dalawa ng baby, hubby chose it.
    Nong nanganak ako kay AJ, ayaw ng hubby to go to a public hospital kasi alam na namin ang mga nangyayari dyan kaya deretso agad sa private hosp. Kahit na private grabe pa rin ang experience. Ganyan talaga tayong mga ina, kahit na napakasakit, pag lumabas ang baby the pain is gone talaga…that’s the life of a mother.

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