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This is the 3rd week since my daughter started going to school. She’s not yet formally enrolled and just attending the class as a sit-in student. Although, she’s just sitting-in, my husband and I decided to buy her books, notebooks and other school things so she will not feel different from her classmates. We also bought her a pair of black shoes because every morning, when I dress her up, she always asks for a black shoes. During the first and second week, she was wearing her Sunday shoes which was white.

This was she during the first day of school. She was not yet in uniform. She was not too happy to go to school, was she?

This is she after class. Too tired eh?

Friday of  her first week in school, the registrar gave her the display uniform for the ID pictorial.  So after a week,  she was already in uniform but in white Sunday shoes 😉

Her books and notebooks

Her other school stuff

She’s the youngest in her class at her age of three. She never missed any school day yet and it seems that she’s really enjoying their class. She started learning how to write through tracing. She’s also improving with her coloring skills. I told her that when she colors an objects in her books, the colors should be confined within the object’s boundary. Any excess color results to ugly work. As the days go by, I see that she’s really improving.


Improving isn’t?

She’s also learning memory verses. Aside from the previous memory verses I taught her, she learned two more. Isn’t that great? Now, she’s on the third memory verse which is  Exodus 14:31b.

She is  still under probationary. In one or two weeks more, the teacher will assess if my daughter is ready for Nursery class.   Do you think Sciezka is ready for real school? I will let you know the assessment of her teacher.

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