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If you are a frequent visitor of this blog, you may have probably read my post about my father getting sick. Well, I thank God because he is doing better. The wound on his head  are healed. There is only one bump remaining which is still recuperating. His blood sugar level went down to 80 mg/dL. That is already the normal blood sugar level. But the more important thing is too maintain his blood sugar level within the normal range which is 80 to 100 mg/dL before meal and 100 to 140 mg/dL two hours after meal. Aside from Glucovance which he takes before meal, he is also injecting 22 units of insulin everyday. The insulin is only for one month. It was only given to him to stabilize his blood sugar level  and to speed up the healing process of his wounds. According to the doctor, the antibiotics will  have no effect if the blood sugar level is high. Aside from his blood sugar level, we also need to monitor his blood pressure. His blood pressure is high at 140/100. He is taking medicines to lower down his blood pressure. He is also taking medicines to prevent stroke and lower down his cholesterol.

Our next visit to the doctor is on July 16. The doctor will change the medicines my father are currently taking depending on the effect of the medicines to him. Check-ups and medicines means money. I am praying for God’s provision for my father’s medicines. I am also thinking of ways to earn the money we need for July 16. When I shared my problem to my officemate, she suggested that  I inquire our  HR if I can avail a cash advance or if there is anything I can convert  to cash, like vacation leaves, to raise the money I need for my father’s medications. With my previous purchases, I used my credit card to buy the prescribed medicines. But I am afraid to use it often because the high interest could drown me to death since I couldn’t pay the entire balance every month. Cash advance or salary deduction would be a better option but I don’t know if this benefit is existing in our company since we are just a very small organization.

Yes, I am financially broke. But I still thank God because only my pocket is hurting.  God is still good to me in so many ways and He deserves my sincere gratitude and highest honor and praise.

4 thoughts on “Broke

  1. and yes, God is so good that we’re only suffering financially today! What an inspiring thought, Mylene! Thanks for this, I needed this…

    1. Hi Mommy Beth,

      Thanks for the visit. It is a been a long time since I visited your site. I thought, after you got a full-time work, you’d stop blogging 😀 But I am happy when i visit back that you are no active again 🙂

  2. Hi Mylene, glad to be here again. My father is sick too. And nakaka worry talaga pag mejo me age na un nagkakasakit kasi alam natin na mejo mahina na resistance nila. I’m glad that your father is doing okay. 🙂 I’ll pray for him too when I pray about my father. 🙂

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