Monday Sickness

  • Sumo
Ever since I joined the Philippine work force (that was 1999), I am always hoping that weekend will never end and Monday will never come because Monday, as we all know, is the start of the working-days. Every Monday is a struggle day, a struggle to come to office and start the week working. Some workers, use the VL to escape going to office on Monday, that is why the term Monday sickness is coined. Many workers find working a burden not a blessing. I have the same mentally until I heard a lesson about being thankful on a Monday.

I realized that this is true. I should be thankful to the Lord that every Monday, I have a job to report to. That I am not included to the million Filipinos who do not need to wake up early because they don’t have a work that require them to be do so. I should be a hundred times more thankful because God gave me a family-oriented company which allows me to work from home. I should be thankful because God gave me the strength and the complete body to work. So many things to be thankful on a Monday, isn’t?

So whenever I feel a little bit lazy to get up on a Monday, I would just think that God gave me a blessing that needs to be taken care of.

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