Moving Forward To Level 1

  • Sumo

My daughter has finished the curriculum for Learning-To-Read, the second part of ACE/SOT pre-school curriculum.  She can start the PACES for Level 1 anytime. But we haven’t ordered yet the PACES for Level 1 so she can have a few days vacation.

Technically, she’s now in Level 1/Grade 1.  This is one advantage of ACE/SOT curriculum. The students don’t need to wait for the school year to end before they could be promoted to the next level. The students could not also be delayed by the learning speed of the other students. The promotion will depend on the speed and progress of the individual student.

My daughter’s school is relatively new. It only started last 2009. But the ACE/SOT curriculum has been tested and proven for decades now. But since the school is still new and the tuition fee is quite expensive for the locals here, the students are only few. This is the reason why the students don’t need to wear name tags to help their supervisors remember their names. This is also the reason why the teachers can closely monitor each student.

My daughter is excited to transfer to the next room of their school. She is excited to have a new office. But for now, I want her to enjoy some free days at home.

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