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Must go back to work

  • Sumo

I’m still on leave from work but I’m thinking of going back sooner than expected. There are lots of bills to pay for and the expenses have increased. My daughter was hospitalized last week and the bills were more than 30 thousand pesos just for two days. Not to mention the cost of medicine she has to take for a month. Not only that, my husband got sick too and has to take some medications and the newborns have to be vaccined too. I got a headache when I computed the total expenses we have for last month only. It’s either I ask my boss if I can work sooner than my scheduled return date or I might need personal loan as an alternative. I am thinking of checking sites for freelancers as my part time job. It’s just hard to go online the past days since I just want to sleep if time permits. But I know I have to work again in order to help my hubby with the household expenses.

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