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Alone With My Daughter

  • Sumo

Daughter and I are alone again. Hubby is in Cebu attending the Youth Congress currently being held in Bible Baptist Church Katipunan. He is there to accompany four of our young people, five including our former house helper.

I am getting used of hubby not being around. Whether it is good or bad, I don’t know. But I must admit that being with my daughter alone with all the household chores and a considered full-time job isn’t easy. During these days, I feel I’m a single mom and it is during these times that I feel most weary.

This is the second time hubby left me and my daughter since we transferred here in Bohol. He also used to travel when we were still in Manila. And though I don’t agree on some of his trips I don’t feel much burdened because I can either ask mom to come over to lend me a hand with household chores or my daughter and I can stay in Bulacan while Hubby is not around.

The case is different now that we are here in Bohol. I have no mother to help me nor a near friend who can lend me a hand. Daughter is also growing up and demands more attention.

I guess this is part and partial of being a preacher’s (pastor’s?) wife. Hubby will surely have more trips to come which will leave me no choice but to carry all the tasks alone. If I’ll only follow my will, I’ll probably just go home in Manila. And if I only depend on my strength, I’m probably dead by now. But thanks be to God who gives me the strength to do all things.

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