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My Husband’s Guitar

  • Sumo

It has been a long time since my husband desired to have his own guitar. We bought one few years ago but he later realized the sound of the guitar is not good. When someone asked the guitar, he gave it wholeheartedly.

His desire to have a good guitar intensifies when we transferred here in Bohol. The church here does not have a decent guitar. The guitar the church was using has already bandages. So went we went to Manila last November, he asked a favor from his co-church worker before now a pastor to accompany him in buying a guitar. He wanted the input of someone who really knows how to check a good guitar so that our money will not be wasted. When we went back here in Bohol, he has the guitar with him.

A week later, my husband realized that the guitar needs a stand so it will not be placed anywhere and it will be easy for him to get it when he feels like playing it. He then checked the guitar stands at BQ Mall and bought one which he thought reasonable for its price. So now, his guitar has its own place.

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