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I’ve been a full-time Work At Home Mom since last year. It has been more than a year since I last reported to our office. I somehow missed the ambiance of an office. I missed my officemates, our chit-chat while working, our walking-time and food-trip after office hours. I missed our free-food supplies and drinks in the pantry. I also missed my work-area though it is too small compared to my cubicle when I was still working for a big company. The work-areas in my last company lack the fancies and amenities of a real cube such as own telephone and locals, and file drawers. They do not even have desk name plates for identification. But who wouldn’t be able to identify who works where if there are less than ten people who report to the office? Each work-area is just enough to fit two monitors, nothing more 🙂

I was not able to visit our office during my trips in Manila last year because of time constraints and weather conditions. But hopefully, I’ll be able to visit my officemates in our office when I have the chance to go Manila.

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