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My Notebook Is Back

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My husband went to HP Clinic last Friday to pick up my notebook which he brought there last Monday. HP SC replaced the HDD. But I still regret that many of my files which I kept for so long were vanished that fast. I should have not removed the original files yet from my desktop if I had known that the HDD would fail. Not only the files of my host clients were lost but all the files I have for my blogging career, the images, the templates, the plugins, everything :(. But crying over a spilled milk is useless. I have to move forward and just start again from what still I have.  For my blogging files, I’ll start from scratch.

Anyway, I still consider it a blessing that the hard disk failed as early as last last week rather than it failed months after. My consolation is that  the hard disk was replaced for free and I only lost comparatively fewer files than if it failed after few more weeks. I might go gaga if that happens. My God still spared me for a bigger problem, don’t you think so?

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8 thoughts on “My Notebook Is Back

  1. As a blogger myself, I would have been so sad if I lost my plug-ins and templates. It can be stressful to lose anything that you have stored on your computer, so I definitely feel your pain! What are you supposed to do if your backups crash??!!!

  2. sis you not alone, all my precious pics in the hard disk gone.. pc is crashed… even though can see the file but cannot retrieve. 🙁

    1. This is really sad sigh. Now I’m planning to start printing my photos as another backup. Backup is really important

      1. @Mylene, yeah I still sad and hope he got save at other place but his work tight up him so cannot show me any. I also need find shop print out as my printer ink after print out water drop on photo will blurr.

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