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.NET and MS SQL Server Interview Questions

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I blogged a while ago about the technical interview I had this morning. I decided to post the questions which were asked to me (only those question which I can remember). If you know the answer to any of the question, please feel free to post it as comment. I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Btw, the questions are more on C# and SQL Server.

1. What is the difference between the Server transfer and Response Redirect?

2. What is the difference between overloading and overriding?

3. What are delegates?

4. What are generics?

5. What are the accessiblity modifiers and their scope?

6. If we want to access the values on the source form, where can we store it?

7. Does javascript supports object-oriented programming?

8. What does HTTP and HTTPS stand for?

9. What is the default port of HTTP? of HTTPS?

10. How to prevent sql injection?

11. What is WCP?

12. What is the advantages of using ADO.NET in .NET 2.0

13. What is the new feature of .NET 3.5?

14. Where do we store the application variables?

15. What are the authentication supported by MS SQL?

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