Getting Behind

  • Sumo
Before I reported to work this morning, I entertained an interview invitation of a company not so far from our office. I am not actively looking for a new job because I know that transferring to a new company these days is really risky. But I entertained the initial technical interview for two reasons. First, the location is not far from our office and I won’t lose anything if I drop by. Secondly, I entertain job interviews just to assess if my skill is still marketable. Sad to say, after staying in my current company for two years, my market value freeze 🙁 and my skill becomes stagnant.
Before I join this company, I am confident that I am well marketable because of the trainings and experiences I gained from my previous company. But now, in just two years, I am way behind the technology. I was asked of many questions which I am not familiar with huhuhu… I am pretty sure that the my application with that company will end there.
Though disappointed, I still look on the brighter side. God allowed me to accept that interview to let me know that I am already behind in terms of technology information and skills and I have to do something to improve that. At least, I get some idea what to study during my free time and be prepared for the next interview that may come in the future. I don’t also have to depend on the trainings and projects given to me by my company. I have to exert some effort to continuously improve and update my skills.

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