System Admin Tasks for Senior Developer Role

  • Sumo
My call with our client has just finished. We discussed the problem I encountered while I was trying to setup their client’s storage array… Believe me, I have no experience on this and I am really surprised when my contact told me that we will be the one to setup the storage array…

Well, as a Senior Developer, I am expected to handle the tasks graciously though I have no previous experience on this area. Yes, I am a Senior Developer in C# and ASP.NET but I have no experience doing System Administration tasks. But I take it as a challenge. I love to learn new things. And whenever I gain new skills, for me it is already a success…


I am also happy that my contact in US is really kind and not so demanding. He understands my position and I am happy to co-work with him. I am also blessed that he is also a Christian, an active one. He is a minister in their church and he is also the one assigned to lead their choir practices. I am blessed to work with other Christian in the other side of the world.

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