In the Beginning

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My officemate Dotty (the owner of IT Mommy ) encourage me to do blogging to earn extra income. She taught me the basic of blogging,(how to create a blog, how to configure the adsense, how to c customize the blog & etc.) and still helping me until now with my inquiries. I started with my initial blogsite, without any idea what would click in the market. Since she is doing a tv show series streaming, I tried to do Movie Previews hoping that it would be a hit in the market. But after a few posts, I already started to get disappointed. No body visits myblog , thus, I haven’t earned a single cent (that remains true until now ) She advised me to join different blog directories. So I did. And little by little, by the help fo Feedjit, I noticed that there is an improvement. In a day, my blog would have a visitor or two. So I continued blogging. Since I am not really fond of watching movies (well, I’ve already overcome it), I decided to create a new blog that is of my interest. Since I am very fond of memorizing bible verses, I started the My Daily Memory Verse. It has a regular visitor who is coming every day from Wales (not really sure if this is the same person though ) That already made me happy and encouraged to post everyday. But I got busy with my job that I can’t find time to post a verse and an insight for few days. That regular visitor stopped coming back after three or four times coming back without seeing new updates. Back to zero again. But since I am already enjoying posting verses, I keep on posting bible verses.
After more or less a month, I decided to create another blog, the Filipino 101. Since I am doing some research in preparing my lesson for my voluntary work in our Bible Seminary as a Filipino instructor, I might as well share the lessons to others who might be also doing research on Filipino subjects. My decision to create this blog was confirmed by my experience that the source materials for Filipino is limited over the net and it is quite hard to find these materials.
And now, though the fact remains that I haven’t earned any monetary value from blogging (and blogging is not a good source of extra income ), I do not regret joining the club. I get some enjoyment making friends online through requesting other bloggers (especially mom’s like me) to link my sites. And surprisingly, there are many kind bloggers who wouldn’t hesitate to add my links. To name a few are Mommy R of Pinay Mommy Online, Life and Scrap, and Lourdes’ Mia, Mommy Shiela of A Blessed Life, pinay mama of A Momma’s Journal, and of course my dear officemate and friend, Mommy Dotty of IT Mommy.
May we have a fruitful blogging life

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