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Do you have a credit card? If you do, you definitely know how to use it. You have to take it out from your wallet, hand it to the cashier or teller. The teller will then swipe it to a magnetic stripe reader and wait for the printed little paper to come out. That magnetic stripe reader reads all the credit card’s vital information like account number and its expiry date. But soon, credit cards no longer need to be swiped. You just need to wave it and presto, all the information will be emitted to the scanner. Because in the very near future, all credit cards’ stripes (some were already replaced) will be replaced with Radio Frequency Identification chips and these are the new generation credit cards.

RFID credit cards, as I said, could transmit the information without swiping the actual card. So expect for easier and faster credit card transaction. Unfortunately, these kinds of credit cards are also exposed to higher security risk. Imagine the credit card information is broadcasted? Anyone who has the machine which could read the information could easily intercept the information and use it fraudulently. That is scary, right? You can be robbed without even touching your wallet. This is called electronic pick pocketing. The easiest and cheapest way to protect RFID credit cards is to wrap them in foil {this is what my husband shared with me which according to him, he read from an online article}. But if you want to be sure, check the products of The site has a clearer explanation about RFID and identity theft.

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