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Our Third Visit To A Diabetologist

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First Visit
This morning was our (my father, mother and I) third visit to a Diabetologist (I don’t know if it is proper to squeal her identity so I will not name her). The Diabetologist was referred to me by my landlady. Our first meeting with her was last Wednesday. She read and copied the results of my father’s laboratory exam. She told us that my father’s infection was quite alarming because it was record shows that the WBC and segments were high. This means that the wounds on my father’s head were not simple wounds. The wounds could not be treated with just mild soaps and shampoo like the recommendation of the doctor in the previous hospital where we first went. As a matter of fact, the initial recommendation of the Diabetologist was to have my father get admitted in a hospital. But she changed her mind. She told us the instead of spending the money in a hospital, let us just use it for branded medicines. She’s confident that with better antibiotics, the infection will subside. She also replaced the medicine for controlling my father’s blood sugar with Glucovance, and instead of twice a day, she made it thrice. My father would take it before every meal time. She also put my father in basal insulin for one month because according to her, the antibiotic will not take effect if the blood sugar is uncontrolled. For the antibiotic, she prescribed Clindamicine, 4x/day (every 6 hours), for 7 days. Clindamicine is 73+ each. The Diabetologist gave a 40% discount card for this medicine which was really a big help. The basal insulin, Lantus, she used with my father cost Php 650 which can be used for 13 days. Lantus waas cheaper by Php 175  in their clinic (Neo Medica) compared with Mercury Drugstore. She asked us to return last Friday. If the infection did not subside, we have no choice but to let my father get admitted.

Second Visit
We returned last Friday. Unfortunately, the WBC counts and segment did not improve. Meaning, the infection was not subsiding. Though, his blood sugar was improving. From 300 plus, it lowered to 200 plus. Not bad for two days medication. But the problem with the infection remains. She asked where will I get my father admitted. I told her that probably in QC General because that is the most accessible hospital in our place. But I was also considering UST because Doc Broks, already replied to my email and was willing to help. The Diabetologist was having second thought. She asked her secretary if the surgeon was coming. She wanted the pus in the wounds be taken out. When she learned that the surgeon only came if there was an appointment, she decided that she wound be the one to take out the pus. She told my father that it would be painful. She wouldn’t use anesthesia because it will be useless. She told us that we only need to pay the Operating Room’s Fee which was  1.5K. I already agreed because that amount was cheaper than the expense if my father would be admitted. When she went out the room to inform the staff to prepare the OR, my father burst into tears. The doctor heard him and told him that she can’t do the procedure if he was not prepared because it would really be painful. The doctor thought that my father cried because of the pain. While I thought, he preferred to get admitted. Then he told me that he was already ashamed to me because of my expenditures for his medications. I assured him that I could still handle the expenses.  I didn’t tell him that I borrowed  some money from my friends. I don’t think it was necessary to for him to know that. Besides, I am sure that he will refuse to continue his medication and checkups if he learned that I just borrowed the money for him.

The procedure proceeded. The Diabetologist extended the antibiotic for 10 days. She added an ointment for the wound and Postan FR for pain killers. She gave another 30% discount card for the Postan FR. I purchased all the medicine using my credit card 🙁 Well, I have no choice. The cash that I have that time was only sufficient for the OR and doctor’s consultation fee and my parents’ one week allowance.

Third Visit

Since last Friday, I called up my mother almost everyday to check on my father’s condition. And every time I heard that my father’s condition was getting better, I thank God. He truly answers prayers.

This morning, most of the wounds were already healed. There was one remaining bump which according to the doctor will eventually subside. The antibiotic was extended to 14 days. I bought another Lantus Insulin Pen and medicines good for 15 days. The doctor also added medicine for heart and high blood. Because his blood pressure was not improving. His blood sugar this morning was only 90. He already reached the ideal blood sugar before meal time. But still the insulin will continue so that the sugar level will be controlled until the last bump gets healed. We will see the doctor month after, that will be on July 16.

I am hoping and praying that my father will be completely healed. I don’t mind if right now I am buried with debts. I am confident that by God’s grace, He will let me pay all those debts. For He is my great provider and He always makes a way for me. I don’t count the lost, rather, I count my blessings and I name them one by one.

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4 thoughts on “Our Third Visit To A Diabetologist

  1. It’s good to hear your father is doing better! Also, that Dr. was kind to give you a discount on medication because that is normally what is insanely expensive with any health problems.

  2. I’m praying for your father to get well,Mommy Mylene…I hoping for the best for him…Hang in there,God will make a way for you and your family.

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