Parenting, Toddlerhood

Goodbye Diapers

After two years and four months, we are almost ready to say our goodbyes to diapers , a kind of parting which I am very much excited to embrace hihihi.  For a week now, our Toddler has stopped wearing diaper during day time. She could not identify yet a full-bladder so she needs to be brought to the comfort room few minutes after…

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Homeschooling, Parenting

Holiday For Our Homeschooler

Our Homeschooler is on holiday until Sunday. She will resume working on another set of PACES next Monday. This is her reward for completing the previous set in less than a month. This is the result of our new schedule. Our class starts at 5:00 a.m. Yes! That early! But usually we are done before lunch time. So she’ll have the…

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Anything Under The Sun

I Thank God For My Father

Note: This is a long post. My father is not the ideal father any daughter would dream of. He was a drunkard and most of the money he earned from a day of driving a jeepney was spent for his vice. There were times that instead of sleeping early I would fetch him from the place of the jeepney owner…

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Back to School Project

[Back To School Project] 2nd Batch of School Supplies Distribution

The second batch of school supplies distribution was held last Sunday. But this was not yet the end. There are still remaining batch(es). I just thought that the kids should have at least the basic needs for the opening of classes last Monday. The elementary students received additional 3 notebooks and 1 crayon. The first pack distributed last May 3 included a pad paper, 1 notebook,  ball pens/pencils, eraser and sharpener. While each…

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Blogging Life

Consolidating My Blogs

I am thinking of consolidating my three blogs to one. Recently, I am having a hard time updating all my blogs. If you notice the last post on this blog was still last February. Months have passed but I have no update. This holds true with my other two blogs. I think it is just wise to pull down two of my blogs.…

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