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Plan To Visit Hubby’s Home Province

  • Sumo

Thirteen days more and Lord willing, my daughter will meet her grandparents on my husband’s side. Since we will move to BOHOL next year, my husband and I decided to go home to his home province before we embrace a new life in a new place. We thought that it would be more difficult for us to go home in their place once we already moved to BOHOL because we will be busy with other things by that time. Good thing before my husband went to BOHOL last month, we were able to get a promo fare from Cebu Pacific Air. We don’t have to spend that much for the fare.

I think I should start preparing for our trip since hubby is still away. I think I should start listing the things that we need to bring. So when hubby comes back we will not cram. I hope procrastination will never make its way 🙂

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