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Problematic Church Vehicles

  • Sumo

I went with Husband this afternoon to his trip to the downtown. And when I say I it means I have to bring my li’l daughter who breastfeeds on me and of course my not-so-little eldest. And since I could not handle two kids at the same time, I also have to bring another companion to help me with the kids. So we were actually four who went with Husband in Tagbilaran. With this number we could not travel in motorbike, thus, we have to use one of the church vehicles.

Our first choice was the multicab because we always consider the cost of the gas. Since multicab does not consume so much gasoline, this is always our first choice. But because it didn’t want to run, Husband decided to use the other vehicle, the Mitsubishi Adventure. We seldom use this vehicle going to Tagbilaran because the gasoline it consumes is triple of what the multicab consumes. But we don’t have a choice.

I thought we were not be able to go home tonight. The vehicle stopped and no longer wanted to run. Good thing we were near the house of one of the family church members. They noticed an unusual sound coming from the inside of the hood of the car. They thought the timing belt gave up and so they might need a timing belt pulley to fix it. If this is the case, we would probably borrow their motorbike so we could go home. But good thing there was no problem with the timing belt. The sound was just coming from the dirty air-cleaner. After several attempts of re-starting the vehicle, it finally worked again. Thank God we were safely home.  But the church vehicles badly need a decent check-up and fixes and I think we really need to save some budget for these.

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