Epson L200 Printer Power Problem

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Last March 3, 2012, I bought an Epson L200 All-in-One Printer from my favorite gadget store here in Bohol, the Thinking Tools. I was the one who was very much interested to buy a new printer since our HP DeskJet 3940 was quite old already. It has served us for more than six years and anytime, it might resign without any prior notice. So I was very much eager to buy a new printer if ever our loyal printer gave up. Plus, I was enticed with the new Epson printers with built-in CISS. So When Husband discovered that Thinking Tools has a one-year-no-interest offer for Epson L200 All-in-One printer (which is one of the printers with built-in CISS) we visited the store the next day (that was 5 days after I gave birth to my second daughter). We later on found out that the offer was just a mistake because the promo tag was obviously cut from the tag price. According to the personnel in-charge, the promo was only until February and they just forgot to remove the promo tag. They told us that we could have the printer for three months with no interest. But the monthly payment would not fit our budget. So we asked if they could make it six months. And after few minutes of persuasion, they gave in to our request. We went home with a new printer, an Epson L200 All-in-One printer.

After more than four months of usage, the printer suddenly shut down last July 4, 2012 and could no longer be turned on again. We returned the unit to the vendor since the unit is still under warranty. The personnel in-charge told us that they received several  returned units of Epson L200 All-in-One printer with the same problem. The same comment was told to us by a personnel from another gadget store. This made us think that this problem is common to Epson L200 All-in-One printer.

It is very inconvenient for me not to have a printer because I need to print a lot, from my daughter’s activity to church’s printing stuff. I just hope that the printer will be fixed very soon.

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