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Reminiscing Mode

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We can now smell the fast approaching Yuletide Season and the coming New Year. The Ber months have already started and many of us have also started making plans for the said holidays. Some may have started buying gifts for their love ones, some may have made bookings for their vacations, and some, the uber excited ones, may have started decorating their homes with Christmas decor. But wait, before these season comes, there is yet another holiday that is being celebrated all-over the world, that is the All Souls/Saints Day (how I wish I could find the research article why real Christians should not join the majority in celebrating this event).

During November 1, many people organized costume parties, sometimes even companies. I remember when I was still with my previous company, a contest was usually held for the best decorated department. The price for the winning department was of real worth that was why all departments were really eager to win. Aside from the decoration, the department staff should have prepared their presentation/gimmick which would be presented on the day of judging (usually held on October 31). The day of judging was also declared as the Family Day. The immediate families of all employees were invited to come to the office. The kids were in costumes while visiting all the managers for their treats. There were also some foods prepared for the visiting families.

Just outside the building, there were many other people in costumes, some were wholesome and funny, some were scary and some were daring in their sexy adult costumes. Hmmm… me? I was in hurry to go home, to avoid the bulk of people who would be going home too later that night.

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  1. Halloween is much anticipated by the little ones. My son’s school usually holds trick or treat for their students, and the kids had to go to school wearing their Halloween costumes. By the way, I have an award for you, Mylene.

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