Returning OFWs

  • Sumo

More and more Filipinos are returning from Libya because of the current situation there. Each of them has a unique story to share about their journey from Libya going back here in Philippines. Some even cried when they were asked about their stories. Some went home without anything except the clothes they wear. The most pitiful are those with kids. But when a reporter interviewed some of these balik-bayans, some are still planning to return after the civil war. Some would want to stay if only they can have a decent job here in PH. They will grab any opportunity just to earn money for their families and merchandising jobs would not be bad for them. Some would want to stay if the government can help them start even a small business of their own.

The OFWs who returned may have different experiences and plans for the future. But there is one thing common among them – they are all happy that they were able to return to their homeland safe.

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