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One of  Sciezka’s teachers, Teacher Leah, handed me a list of things that my daughter needs to submit.  Since one of her Ninang  gave her 1K as late birthday gift, we were able to partially complete the requirements. The remaining stuff we still need to buy are the toiletries which she will use inside the room. I stormed all her things with her name. This is because first, to help the teacher easily associate the things to my daughter. Secondly, so daughter will get familiarized with the spelling of her name.

This is also my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday. Consider the giant yellow pencils, are they not in shades of Yellow? Oh, and the scissors’ handle too.

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18 thoughts on “School Requirements

  1. Im sure magugustuhan ng lil girl mo ang school kasi dami playmates =) always encourage her and make the preparation for school fun =) goodluck

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  3. Congrats! on her first day of school. I remember when we would go looking for supplies for my first day which was decades ago 🙂 I always liked doing that though I was never to happy about school 😀

  4. wow..she’s in Grade 1 now…BTW..i like your daughter’s name…where did you get that hehehe.

    mine is up now.

    Happy MYM.

    1. Hi Kat,

      She’s not yet in Grade 1. But they will be using the Grade 1’s pad papers because there is no pad paper for pre-school 🙂 She’s just a sit in in a nursery class 🙂

      I got from the anime series Alchemist. You may want to check this post for her name.

    1. Simulation pa lang mommy hehehe… Hindi pa sure kung tutuloy siya after a month 🙂

      Thanks for the visit!

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