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Feed Subscriber Count Was Reset To One(1)?

  • Sumo

After posting my previous article, I noticed that my feedburner stat is reverted to 1.

I immediately logged on to my Feed Burner to check, and it is really down to 1 :((.

I can’t believe that my subscribers left me all at the same time. What have I done wrong? Is that how my post are too irrelevant that they decided to leave me at the same time? Ouch!!! I  hope  that I am just hallucinating and the number will go back to the real one. If this is for real, this is really sad and very disappointing 🙁


8 thoughts on “Feed Subscriber Count Was Reset To One(1)?

  1. Sana nagkamali lang sila, ganyan din sa akin minsan, kaya palaging 8 or 9 lang ang readers ko, I don’t know what’s going on sa feedburner, kung minsan tataas kung minsan bababa… bakit kaya?

    1. sana nga nagkamali lang. Until now hindi pa bumabalik. Let me know ha if you can still receive feed through email. thanks.

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