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Connection Or Google Problem???

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I noticed a tremendous slow down accessing some sites, particularly sites which were in blogger platform. Some even returned a request time out error. I also noticed that Google search is also slow. I don’t know if it is just an internet connection problem or a Google problem. Do you experience the same? What ever the cause is, this hinders me to return the favor to my both in this site and my other site. Sigh! This is supposed to be the best time to blog hop because my reliever is already sleeping. I have no choice but to lie beside her because I can’t access most of the sites and if I can access the site, it takes so much time to load the page and to post a comment. I will just rest for the meantime and hopefully by tomorrow, everything will be backed to normal.

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2 thoughts on “Connection Or Google Problem???

  1. I think its the connection not google. Try to check your internet service provider, or maybe call them why your connection act that way. My office mate had experience same problem as yours he is somewhere in Sta. Rosa Laguna. He can’t open his email add and loading time is very long. He called his ISP which is smart and now he knows the reason why his internet was slow. I have same experience as yours too My experience with Globe broadband DSL

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