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sex Is GOOD…

  • Sumo

only  inside marriage. I remember a status I’ve read in Facebook. It goes like this, “If you are single, never have a secret with married opposite gender. If you are married, only have a secret with your married partner.”

Sex is the very way to procreate which is the commandment of God. Hence, it is good because God made all things good. Unfortunately, many if not all of the good things God made were abused by man 🙁 including sex. Sex is not filthy nor sin if it is inside marriage. It should be enjoyed by the couple, a pastor relates. So even if the couple uses libido max for satisfaction or added enjoyment, it does not matter. As long as they both agree and most importantly, they are legally tied to each other through marriage. But for singles, there is no need for this supplement. I strongly advise that you stay away from it.

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