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When it comes to electronic peripheral that I used for my work I don’t mind spending a little. I opt to have items with quality though little expensive than totally cheap but easily give up. I also choose reliable brands to make sure that it won’t give any trouble when I used it.

The nature of my job requires me to talk to my clients via IM conferencing. So I invest on good quality headphones. It is very important that I get the instructions of my clients clearly so I won’t be wasting my time implementing something that is not what they want.

I solely used my headphone for conferencing since I am not used to listening to music while working. But my daughter also used it when she watches videos online. Most of the time, she is the one who break my headphones. At her age, she still needs to learn how to use things with care. The headphone that I bought last year is the longest headphone that we used in our house. I’ll probably need to buy a replacement in the near future because I can sense that the wire is about to give up.

Do you think it is practical for me to buy an ultrasone headphone?

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  1. Hi Mylene!

    Just realized you live in Panglao, too. How wonderful.

    Just finished reading many of your posts and what intrigued me the most is PayU2Blog. Thanks for sharing!

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