Singing As Part Of The Worship Service

  • Sumo

Singing is always of part our Worship Service in the church. We sing praises as a congregation. The singing signals the start of the Worship Service. Singing prepares the heart of the worshipers for the most important part of the worship service, the preaching of the Word of God. Singing praises is also a practice for our eternal praise and worship to the King of Kings when we meet Him someday.

The congregational singing is followed by rendering of group or individual song offerings. We don’t have professional singers in the church, but we have talented young people and some adults who use their talents to glorify God. And though we don’t have the sophisticated stanton mixers in the church, it was never been an excuse not to sing for the Lord. But it would be nice if we have a good sound system, not only for singing but most importantly for the the preaching of the Word of God.

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