Sleepless Nights Mode

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Sleepless nights are part and partial of being a mother (unless your child sleeps with their yayas). I guess most if not all mothers experienced having sleepless nights especially during the first few months of the baby. And I am one blessed momma with my eldest because she seldom woke up during the night when she was on this stage.  I started experiencing sleepless nights when she acquired her asthma and that was before she turned one. I remember that almost every month there was a week that she was down with cough and cold which usually triggered her asthma. My sleepless nights with my eldest became less frequent when she reached her three years of age.

But with my second daughter, the story is quite different. Since she was born, I haven’t had an eight-hour continuous night sleep yet. As a matter of fact, I already knew her schedule. She usually wakes up at 12 midnight when I just started to doze off for feeding. She will again fall asleep after leaving her “natural bottle“. She will wake up again at three while I am in my deepest sleep. This time she would no longer drop off after her feeding time. She would remain awake and fussy until around five in the morning. By five in the morning, she would fall asleep again. When she wakes up at around 7, it is my hubby’s turn to take care of her while I continue my sleep for another hour.

Recently, there is a development. There are days that she no longer wakes up at 12 midnight. But she still wakes up at around three in the morning to feed. After feeding, she will no longer tarry but would immediately doze off.  Though I still wake up to feed her, the window of me being awake is already small. I think that is a good sign that her body clock has started adjusting to the proper sleeping time.

Do I sound complaining? Honestly, I’m not. When I decided to be mother, I embraced all the hardships and joy of being a mom. I may have sleepless night for life but I will never regret my decision to have kids to nurture and to love. There maybe more and bigger sacrifices that I may be required to do in the future but even those will not be good enough to snatch from me the joy of being a mother.

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