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SmartBro Freebie

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Last night, while I was browsing, SmartBro portal was displayed on my browser. I thought my internet connection was disconnected. But I read on the page and realized that it was intentionally designed by the internet provider to update their customers of their current news and promos. As I read on, my eye caught the Freebies section. As I read, I realized that I am qualified to avail their freebies since I’ve been a SmartBro subscriber for almost three years now. So I immediately contacted the SmartBro hotline (*1888 on smart subscriber) to confirm and their polite csr named Phillip told me that I am indeed qualified. I only need to visit a smartwireless center to avail the freebie.

There are several freebie but I want to avail the 3-in-1 printer because our printer might give-up anytime. I also have the option for the rebate but since my connection is being paid by our company, I won’t go for the rebate.

I am excited to visit the SmartWireLess center and excited to have a new printer for free.

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