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EL Niño Is Taking Its Toll

  • Sumo

Not only the power supply has scheduled outages but also our water supply. I don’t know how long will the water supply be halted but I hope that it resumes before our stock up water gets emptied.

Power outages and water supply interruptions are both obvious effects of El Niño. My husband and I always include in our prayers that God sends us rain. I am aware that many farms are devastated by this El Niño. Only God can control the weather and can give us rain.

I remember the story of Elijah and the time of no rain. For three years there was no rain. There was completely drought in all over the place. But God didn’t neglect Elijah. He used a widow to feed Elijah during the famine. And after three years, God sent rain. To prove Israel that He is the only true God and not Baal.

Only one thing God asked from His people, to return to Him and leave all idolatries. God will only hear our plead when we do what God want us to do. So what idol in your life that you must surrender to God?

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