Sound System

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One good sound-system is nice-to-have in a church but not a necessity. It will help the preacher save his voice from shouting when delivering a message. Hence the preacher’s voice will not be worn-out immediately. It will also help the listener to hear the message clearly thus helping them to keep their interests focused on the message. But with or without a good sound-system, a preacher can still preach and the listener can still hear the message.
I am so thankful that little by little, the sound system of the church is getting better. The Lord provided us a set of speakers and an amplifier. Then, He used a faithful member to replace the rusty microphone. I am excited to see the rusty microphone stand being replaced with a new one. The Lord will provide in His own time and way. Probably, in the near future, we have to visit the store to see the microphone stand for sale.

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