Stars For My Daughter

  • Sumo

Whenever my daughter comes home from school, I always ask her if she enjoyed her class for the day, did she behave well and if she has a star? A star means she did well in class. I also asks her what they do in class and if she will still go to school the next day. I initiate this little conversation to encourage her to share her experiences in class and to know if she is still interested to continue her schooling. This is also to help her express herself using clearer words. Based on my assessment, she’s really enjoying her schooling and her interaction with her classmates. Although, it is really a struggle to wake her up in the morning especially if she sleeps late the night before, but still, she does not want to quite yet. For me that is good enough for now. If she decided to quit anytime, I’ll let her so. Anyway, she’s still young and she can continue to complete her work books at home.

The stars are in red so I decided to play with Ruby Tuesday.

Daughter’s grade in their graded recitation are in Red

Her stars


8 thoughts on “Stars For My Daughter

  1. Very smart and bright little girl. That’s good thing to encourage her to study and interact with little kids too. You’ll be a proud mom of her.

  2. Your daughter deserve five stars from Mommy, great job!

    My Ruby Tuesday could be found here

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