White Rose In Close Up

  • Sumo

We don’t have a garden but I wish we have one. I love looking on beautiful flowers. I am amazed how they are bloom and withered immediately. I also love orchids because orchid flowers live longer. I can appreciate their beauty longer.

But though we don’t have a garden, I still have the some opportunities to appreciate the beauty of the flowers. When I’m with my camera, I make sure to capture the beauty of the flower. Now, I use these photos to join weekly memes about flowers. Below is my featured flower, a white Rose :). I hope you like it 🙂

This is my entry for Macro Flower Saturday and Today’s Flowers.

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9 thoughts on “White Rose In Close Up

  1. Beautiful! My parents have some amazing orchids that keep growing and we are just amazed because they were by a cold window in the winter

  2. Gorgeous white roses, so soft and classy. These are excellent macros, you did and excellent job.
    Thanks for sharing these beauties on Macro flowers Saturday and for your lovely comment too!

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