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I noticed my daughter’s white stocking has a hole already probably due to overuse :D. Sunday every Sunday, she wears it with her Sunday dress. She loves to be in her stockings because she felt like a princess when she wears it. Now that it has a hole already I need to buy one to replace it. Otherwise I have to brace myself for a tantrum-filled Sunday morning.

Unlike my daughter, I have no penchant for stockings. I’ve tried wearing support stockings when I was doing my summer jobs at Shoemart Department store out of necessity. As a saleslady, I was required to wear the black heeled sandals and the blue above-the-knee skirt. I was told by the other salesladies that wearing stockings would help to fight the cold inside the selling area. It would also be helpful to prevent varicose veins due to prolong standing. But since I moved carelessly I always went home with a run in stocking. I end up buying a replacement almost every other day. So I decided to stop wearing it because my allowance as part-time saleslady just went to stockings.

It is true that stockings provide some protection for leg vein. As matter of fact, there is a kind of stockings called compression stockings specifically designed to provide different level of compression. This kind of stocking needs prescription from physician and is usually recommended for therapeutic purposes.

Going back to my daughter’s stocking, I think I need to buy her two so she can wear them alternately. I also need to stock another pair for our stay in Bohol, one of the things I hope I won’t forget.


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