Summer 2009

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It is summer once again! When we get outside , we can already feel the heat of the sun on our skin. Sometimes if it is too hot ( between 9:00 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon), our skin get sunburned. So be careful! Make sure you have your sunblock on otherwise be prepared to get burn. Also, you can use umbrellas or caps to protect you from direct sunlight.

But let us admit it, this is the season which is much awaited not only by youngsters but also by older groups like parents. This is the time which most families set a date to have their family excursions. The young bloods are not contented with just one spin. They would have different schedules for different set of friends or barkadas. Those who can afford would even go a little farther for adventure and fun. Even companies have already started preparing for the annual company team-buildings. This is also the time when the well-off westerners visit asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines which are known for wonderful beach resorts.

Everyone is excited to see a different ambience, to feel the warmth of the sand and to enjoy the water of the beaches.

Hmm… but will it be a little different this year because of the recession of U.S.A? Will the energetic young generation be contented to stay at home and forget the sea on this year? Are the parent be willing to spend for the annual family outings despite the global economic situation? Can the companies ignore the intense desires of their staffs to get out of the city and play with sand this year? Will the beaches and resort still be as busy as the previous summers? How will the summer be affected by the economic crisis?

How about you, how will you spent your summer? In the beach? mall? home? Share your thoughts!

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