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This post is long due but it is only now that I were able to complete the missing information that I need.

The message was delivered by a guest preacher, Rev. Gideon Umandap, who is a Filipino but has been staying and pastoring a church in US. He used Psalm 81:10 as his text and the title of the message is “Open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it”. I won’t post the entire message but if you wish to listen to it, I embed the video clipping of his preaching on the bottom part of this post. What I want to share with you is the dissection of John 3:16 which he shared on his preaching. This is new to me and and I believed that Christians like me would also be interested on his version of the dissection of John 3:16. So here it goes;

John 3: 16 – Greatest Verse
For God – the greatest lover
so – the greatest degree
loved – the greatest affection
world – the greatest company of sinners
that He gave – the greatest act
His Only – the greatest sacrifice
begotten Son – the greatest gift
the whosoever – the greatest invitation (open to everyone)
believeth – the greatest condition
on Him – the greatest attraction
shall not perish – the greatest promise
but – the greatest difference
have – the greatest assurance
everlasting life – the greatest possession.

In his preaching, he is also classified faith into four types.

No Faith – I doubt if you can and I doubt if you will
Little Faith – I know you can but I doubt if you will
Great Faith – I know you can and I know you will
Perfect Faith – I know you can and I know you will and it is good as done, thank you in advance.

His preaching of God’s word is indeed a blessing to me. I encourage you to watch his preaching below and be blessed as well by the Word of God.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Sharing

  1. Christian greetings! I have met a pastor named Rev. Gideon Umandap last year and he’s been a wonderful blessing too. I just wanted to know if he is the same person you’re referring here. Also I wanna know if I can trace his whereabouts. Thanks a lot and God bless.
    By the way I am also an active Christian and member of a Baptist church.

    1. Hi Lhorie,

      Thank you for your comment. There is a big possibility that we are referring the same Rev. Gideon Umandap. The video embedded on my post was his preaching. I just don’t know why it no longer plays 🙁 Anyway, I will ask our church secretary if she has a contact info of Rev. Gideon Umandap.

      Glad to know that you are a Christian and a member of a Baptist church. That makes us sisters in Christ.


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