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Finally, its over! I mean, my hubbie is finally done with with his bachelor’s degree. Their graduation was held in the quadrangle of his school, (RTU) -now his Alma Mater, last April 6, 2009. He finished his degree in four years time without any failing grades. Thanks be to God, for He answered our prayers.

He was so happy that finally he can rest from from doing his assignments, projects and most of all, he is now free from all the stress whenever there is an exam. I am also happy because finally he will no longer bug me with his projects and assignments. When he graduated, I also graduated from rushing word processing his paper works and cramming doing his research and most importantly, I also graduated from giving him his allowances hahahaha… So when he graduated, I am as happy as he is. Yahooo!

Kidding aside, I am really happy that my husband finished a secular course. There were times that he already want to quit, but I always encouraged him to continue. Though it was not really easy for us that I am only the one earning for the family, especially when I gave birth to our first baby. But by God’s grace, we were able to manage it. We set aside any luxury or things that are not really necessary just to squeeze in the budget.

But its all worth it! The degree he earned cannot be stolen from him. It is something that cannot be bought with money. And someday, our daughter can look up to us an example. That education and knowledge is very important in one’s life.

(the materials I used for the image are from Shabby Princess freebies)

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