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I deeply grieved for my friend whose father died last Tuesday morning, April 28, 2009. The remains of his father is currently lying in St. Peter(along Quezon Avenue). We visited him last night and spent sometime to chat with him. He mentioned to us that his father is using the life plan purchased by his aunt. The plan was transferred to his father and it was really a blessing to them because instead of paying the whole amount of 55,000 bucks, they would only need to pay the unpaid balance of the plan amounting to less 30,000 bucks. They almost saved a 50% of the whole amount. This is a big deal for them since they also spent money for the hospital bills and will still need to spend some more for the burial land.
While we were talking, I was contemplating to get my own life plan in preparation for the future. We all know that all of us will soon be facing the inevitable death, we just don’t know when.For me, death is something that we should be prepared of especially if you are living in a third-world country where everything is expensive. This will free up our love ones from some expenses that our death may incur.
How about you? How do you see death? Is it something to prepare for or something to be afraid of?

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