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Mommy Momments – Doctor, Doctor Am I Sick?

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This entry might already be late for the Mommy Momments last friday, but nonetheless, allow me to share the feeling of a mom when my child is sick. My daughter have an acquired asthma, meaning, her asthma is not hereditary. It is not from me nor from my husband’s genes. Nobody in my family nor in my husband’s family had an asthma. She is the first to have this sickness both in my husband’s family and mine. The sad thing is that my daughter was very healthy before we transferred to our current apartment. I even brought her with me when I went to divisoria, not only once but twice huh but she never had any colds, cough or even a slight fever. She was not even 5 months old then. She get her asthma only here in our current apartment. It is because we have an inconsiderate neighbor who uses wood or coal for their cooking and uses their trash to start the flame, worst, they even use plastics. The smoke of the burning plastics, paper etc is coming in to our house through the kitchen screen. I didn’t notice it at first, but when cough never leaves my daughter for a month and she already tried different prescription, I realized that the cause is the smoke.

Since then, every now and then, even if we already made some work around so that the smoke will no longer enter into our house, my daughter need to be nebulized whenever we hear her wheeze. It is really hard for my daughter that whenever she have a cold, her asthma will also attack. Series of nebulization, vomitting and endless crying will fill our small house during these periods. Really painful for me to see my child suffering 🙁 I usually plead unto God to spare my daughter from the pain and I’ll just take it for her. Hopefully, my daughter will overcome her sickness when she grows older.

Below is her pictures during the nebulization sessions.

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2 thoughts on “Mommy Momments – Doctor, Doctor Am I Sick?

  1. oh, this is sad… neighbors can be very inconsiderate and this is also irritates since i also have little kids. when smoke comes, they will cough or sneeze and then their allergy starts…

    oh… if only this people know what the smoke does to our air..

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