Thankful In Advance

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imagesMonday and Thursday is the usual day I report to office. I take a non-air conditioned bus going to MRT station, the only public transportation available from our place to MRT North Station. Sometimes, I can still get a seat but most of the time, I have to stand. But it is not a big deal with me since MRT station is not that far. And if the traffic is not congested, I only need to stand for around ten to twenty minutes. Although there are times that a less careful driver makes it hard for me to stand especially, I am wearing a skirt.

But whenever I feel uncomfortable inside the bus (the heat, the sliding seats, the reckless way of driving) I am always reminded to thank God for the car that He is preparing for my family. I thank Him I don’t know when we will have the key of that car yet, but I know, someday God will make my travel going to the office more convenient and comfortable. I am already thanking Him in advance because I believe that in His own time, He will grant us our prayer to have our own car. He is just preparing us for that another great gift. And if someday I meet Him and still haven’t given us a car, I will still thank Him. Because it only means that He has given us the His best ๐Ÿ™‚

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