The Desire To Buy A Motorbike

  • Sumo

I thought husband’s desire to buy a motorbike has to take a backseat as he decided to go back to school to take a post bachelor course. But recently, he is bringing up the topic again asking me if our savings is enough to buy a new motorbike which he can use as a service going to school. Well, I understand his desire. The current motorbike he uses is no longer reliable and he does not want to get stranded on the road at night when the motorbike gives up since most of his subjects are night classes.  He does not want either to be late just because the motorbike suddenly does not want to start.

We can afford to buy a motorbike but not his dream bike which is a Suzuki Raider 150. And buying a new motorbike means draining our savings. O yes. Our savings is only good enough for a motorbike. We can only afford to buy a Honda XRM which is husband’s second choice but not a Honda car. (Possibly just Honda seat covers only but not the entire vehicle, LOL!)

Until now we haven’t come up with a final decision yet. If we use the money for the motorbike, this means that no one should get sick and no unexpected expense should arise. This is really tough because neither of us knows what will happen tomorrow. Since we can’t decide yet, we keep on praying for this plan.

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