The Little Boss is Away

  • Sumo

Sciezka san before leaving last TuesdayOur Little Boss, who happens to by my daughter, is on her short vacation since last Tuesday. Last Monday, I requested my mom to pick her up the next day. This is an abrupt decision because when I went home last Monday from the office, hubby has colds and cough already. I am afraid that Sciezka will catch the virus from her Dad so we decided that we just send her away for a while in Bulacan. Anyway, she loves to stay there because she has many playmates there. She will be back on Saturday, and hopefully, by that time,  my husband is already well.

1 thought on “The Little Boss is Away

  1. solo mo ngayun si mister INDAY ehehe kasi wala ang amo ahahha! =) gnun ba tlg apag nagkakasakit si hubby pinapadala nyo muna si baby? ehehhe =) kme walang pagdadalhan kaya share share kme sa sakit eheheh =) thnks sa greetings ha =0

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