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We Have NO TV Again

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I feel disappointed with the electronics that we bought with my hard-earned money. They are giving-up one-by-one! It started with our 22″ Devant LCD TV. We bought this TV less than 2 years ago. We bought this for my daughter. During that time, we had no TV yet and I was sharing my desktop with my daughter so she could watch her favorite DORA the Explorer DVDs. So hubby and I decided to buy a TV so she would not disturb me when I’m working. Well now, we have no TV again!

Our TV was still working when I last turned it on but after few minutes, the display just suddenly went off and replaced by stand by image. I thought it was just a technical problem of the station so I switched the channel but lo and behold, all channels were the same. I tried to change the source from TV to AV1 but the display was still the same. When hubby brought it to the technician, he told hubby that it was an LCD problem. He added that he had received the same problem for that particular TV model from different customers. When he gave the estimated cost for the repair, hubby decided to bring home the TV again and just leave it that way. The cost is almost the same when we buy a new non-LCD TV. Just few days ago, I learned from an officemate that she bought a 22″ LCD Devant TV for the same cost if decided to have our TV repaired. Devant drop the price to almost half in less than two years.

Now, even if I invest on Bluray players, it will be useless. Daughter could not still watch her favorite videos. I also promised myself that from now on I will no longer invest on expensive electronics.


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