Weight Management For Aging Woman

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For aging woman like me, weight management becomes more challenging because of the gradual slow down in my metabolism. I started noticing weight gain when I reached 26 years of age. With the same amount of food I take, I continuously gain pounds. Then when I got pregnant, more pounds were added. Before, I was still in denial stage. I thought I could easily shred the gained weight after I breastfed my daughter. But I was wrong. Now, I already admit that I am leading to an unhealthy if I didn’t take any action.

I’ve already read so many articles about losing weight. The only thing I need to do is to apply one. Definitely, proper diet is not the sole solution. Taking natural fat burners will also help but I could not depend on it alone. I need to incorporate regular exercise to speed up my metabolism. Exercise will also help in burning the stored calories in my body also known as fats.

It will take tons of determination from my end to accomplish my goal, to go back to a healthy shape. It will not be a one-night endeavor but a continuous discipline that I need to embrace. May the Lord help me.

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